Beauty Myths No.3 – Cleansing in the AM

‘Do I really need to cleanse my face in the morning?’

I’ve been asked this a lot recently – a lot. On the blog, on twitter, on Instagram.

In all honesty, I don’t even know where to begin. 

Genuine question: Why WOULDN’T you wash your face in the morning??

‘I don’t have time.’

Get up earlier.

‘I don’t really need to, it feels fine, it has a lovely glow.’

Yes love, it’s called sweat. Get thee to a sink.

‘I read that so-and-so just uses a wipe to ‘freshen.’ 

So-and-so clearly has personal hygiene issues.

‘I’m really sensitive, cleansing twice a day is too much.’

You’re using the wrong cleanser.

‘I’m really combination, if I cleanse in the morning my face is an oil slick by 10am.’

Stop using Fairy Liquid on your boat, wash your face gently, get the oil off that you’ve produced overnight and start FRESH.

Most night products are designed to resurface and regenerate the skin. If they are working – and let’s hope for all our sakes they are, you need to give your skin a cleanse to remove the residue, dead skin etc.

As Monica* said: THAT’S JUST GOOD SENSE.

*token Friends Comment.