Legology Air-lite Daily Lift for Legs

Here’s the thing: Mum was a model, Dad was a goalkeeper. When the Sweet Baby Jesus was dishing out my body parts I got the Maternal bosom and waist – and Dad’s lower half. It’s still one of his proudest achievements. ‘Look at those legs, could score from the half-way line.’ Yeah, that’s great Dad, if you’re life’s ambition is to play in the Premiership. I kid you not. He asks me to get them out at family parties. *lies down in a dark room*

The upshot is I’m not, nor have never been, a leg girl. The magnificent bosom I can do, the long, leggy, gangly thing I cannot. So I don’t pay them much attention – I mean don’t get me wrong, I love them, they work – they do a fine job of holding me up – but they’re never going to be on my ‘finest features’ list (outside of a football programme).

Well Kate Shapland has spent years thinking about legs. What makes them tick, what makes them lethargic – she even devoted an entire blog to them. Believing that cellulite is often the symptom of a lazy lymph and best addressed with an integrated approach that includes daily stimulating massage, Kate has just launched Air-Lite Daily Lift for Legs – her aim is to create a cohesive topical approach to optimise the lymph and lighten the legs, improving their overall beauty and wellbeing and supporting a complementary lifestyle. 

Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs is her first product, the hero of the brand. She has produced a limited run of 500 jars, each hand-numbered, with a set of application guidelines inside every box.

It’s cooling, refreshing and leaves the legs feeling like they are actually ‘doing’ something inside – if that makes sense?

Mine has been stolen by a very pregnant friend – who literally will not even let me look at the jar again in case I take it back.

Legology’s Air-Lite is £60 and available from Liberty and