The Experts. The Facialists. Amanda Lacey.

I’m so frequently asked about favourite brands and facialists that I figured it was time to start showcasing them a little more.

If I was forced to pick one facial to have for the rest of my life I’d probably go for Amanda Lacey’s. You know when someone is just excellent at what they do? That is Amanda. The surroundings are immaculate – always – and the hands are warm and firm and leave your skin looking like you’ve had a rest. Which is what I always, always, need. No-one removes milia better. No-one.

Unlike the trend in recent years, she has no interest in discussing her celebrity clients. None. She would be mortified if she was mentioned as a ‘celebrity facialist’ – equally, she has zero interest in being famous herself. Completely refreshing and old school. 

Amanda also makes some of my favourite products of all time. I have long been obsessed with the Cleansing Pomade, whilst the Camellia Oil and Oils of Provence Oils will never not be in my arsenal. As well as the hands, Amanda has a nose to rival most fragrance houses, her perfumes, body products and candles are just beyond.

I’m regularly asked for advice on entering the beauty industry so I grabbed Amanda for a quick Q & A this week to get her take on a few things….

How did you end up as
a facialist? Was it something you always wanted to do and therefore a
straightforward path? Or something you discovered you loved almost by accident?

I guess after my
beauty training at the age of 23.  I only
ever wanted to own my own business and create beautiful products.  It’s interesting, beauty, it kind of grew on
me, and I’ve had a love affair with it ever since…

I receive a lot of
queries about training – some of them seem to be asking for the quickest route
to a qualification. Where did you train and how important do you think the
basic level of training is?

I trained at Joan Price’s Beauty School in Chelsea, London.  Joan was the Beauty Editor at Harper ‘s Bazaar
many years ago, so an important figure in the British Beauty scene.  The basic level of training for any therapist
is of the upmost importance. Try and always go for a school with heritage and
immaculate credentials. (Amen to THAT – CH)

What do you think the
best reason for having a facial is? Is it for the results or the feel-good
factor – or both?

 I feel when you are
having a facial, it is important to experience a sense of well-being and of
course overall excellent results. So both!

What is your
favourite part of what you do?   

I really have to say, I am very blessed, in that I love
every aspect of my job.

What is your
favourite skincare product outside of your own range? 

Sisley Ecologique Compound. 

Thanks to Amanda for taking the time to answer my Q’s. More Facialists to follow!

More information on Amanda Lacey can be found on her website Queries to

Do yourself a favour. Go.

*I have no business affiliation with Amanda Lacey. She’s just very good at what she does.