When to cleanse.

I sent out a tweet a couple of weeks ago that became one of my most RT’d ever.

It had been on my mind after the first couple of weeks of skin consults where the majority of people who came to see me said that they cleansed their skin before they went to bed, not when they got home.

So I thought it worth repeating on here as a lot of readers aren’t on twitter:

Cleanse your skin and remove your makeup when you get home, NOT when you go to bed.
As a typical example, if you get home at 6 and go to bed at 11, that’s 5 hours of grime, sweat, makeup and general dirt on your face for another 5 hours. If you get rid of it as soon as you go home your skin is luxuriating in oils/balms/nighttime treatments for an extra FIVE hours (as an example).

Take everything off when you get home, go about your evening, then when you go to bed check your skin. If everything has absorbed you can add a little more of the heaviest product you used, in my case, facial oils or balms, before you get in bed. You are aiming for a happy, glowing skin, not a greasy slimy face.

I promise you – if you aren’t doing this already, you will see immediate results from this one simple change.

And those of you who have said you don’t want your partner to see you without makeup. Get a grip. And possibly a new partner. JUST SAYIN’.