AERIN Rose Hand and Body Cream

This is one of those ‘had it in mind for ages but never managed to blog about it’ posts.

Since I’ve been doing the skin consultations I’ve had to wash my hands even more than usual – which can be harsh on them when you’re borderline obsessive about it in the first place.

I keep this in my office and reapply about 5 times a day. I don’t need to you understand, I want to because I am completely obsessed with it. Completely. Obsessed.

I doubt I’d ever use it on my body, it’s honestly never occurred to me. It’s mainly about the hands with this one. It’s rich but not greasy, it absorbs brilliantly, leaves no residue and the rose scent is very unique. There’s no ‘old lady’ rose going on here, it’s elegant and soft. I could not be more in love with this hand cream.

If you’re a hand cream addict like me, put it on your Christmas list. 

AERIN Rose Hand and Body Cream is £36.00/$40.00 and available from all usual AERIN retailers including online through Estee Lauder.

*originally a PR sample, then a purchase