The Body Shop Facial Massager

You need this.

£6.00 from The Body Shop. £6.00!

Use it to get the cellulite off your face. Those of you that suffer from cystic lumps and bumps under the jawline, those of you worried about saggy baggy face syndrome…this is a great find. I have one on my desk and I’m buying another one to keep in my handbag to use when I’m stuck in traffic (I live in Central London – that’s a LOT of the time) and when I’m relaxing on the sofa watching murder dramas. 

Use it working away from the center of the face towards the lymph areas in front of the ears, along and below the jaw line towards the ears, then down the neck. Think of it as pushing the crap away from your face towards the back of your ears and then down the sides of the neck…

Just to give you an idea have a quick look at the below. Fired it off quickly at my desk – please ignore the 4pm makeup and the unopened parcels! – but you’ll get the drift…. 🙂

The Body Shop Facial Massager is £6.00 (I may have mentioned that), available in all usual Body Shop stockists and online.

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