Clinic Lessons. November.

During my appointments I keep a running record of things that I find myself repeating, or that seem to need clarifying – or that I have just become aware of because I suspect you may find it useful.

In no particular order:

Yes, once listed as a ‘staple’ on this very blog, overuse on the wrong skin can be drying. When I originally wrote the post on Staple Cleansers over 3 years ago, the recession was in full swing and I think I probably felt pressure to stick a cheaper product in there. So: I’ve done what I don’t normally do which is remove it from the post. It’s not that I don’t think you should use it – it’s just that me stating that something is a ‘staple’ is very different in November 2013 than it was in September 2010. Ditto Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. It’s not the same as it was. It can be too much for some skins so to say it is for everyone could prove misleading.

It would be a huge job to keep check on every post I’ve ever done and clarify when I’ve changed my mind but when I can really see that something is written that I no longer think is accurate I will try and update. Bear with!

If you are recommended/prescribed this I would urge you to use it with caution – and only on the areas of acne themselves – if you use it all over the face you may become horrifically dry very quickly, which will lead to inflammation and a whole host of other issues. If it works for you, great, but don’t smear it on like butter on hot toast.

Effaclar Duo/range
See above. If you get occasional breakouts but otherwise have ‘normal’ skin, this is not for you. Please, please, stop using it all over your face and to the exclusion of good oils. Your skin will very quickly become dry, agitated and in desperate need of a drink – like me after reading the beauty ‘advice’ in the Daily Mail this week.

Clarins Gentle Exfoliant
Out of all the recommended exfoliating toners, this one has proved a tad problematic when used too often. The exfoliating stage is to be done with varying products, using one 2 x day for the rest of your life is not the best for your skin. Please don’t be put off. It’s perfectly fine used in conjunction with other toners – just not all day everyday.

Great for younger skins. Not hydrating enough for older, dryer skins. Either use under a serum/moisturiser for the added peptide benefits or consider stepping it up a gear if you are 30+.

Mag Mirrors
Good Lord please stop. To be used for tweezing and tricky eye liner if you must. Otherwise, no. Just NO.

‘Using it up.’
Something I hear all too often. If something isn’t working for you, or isn’t for your skin type, or if your skin has changed since you bought it, don’t ‘use it up’. To continue using it could do more harm than good.
Bin it, or put it to one side the way you would a Winter coat in Spring – just in case – but don’t ‘use it up’.