2014 – Organisation!

Source – whimsy and wild

Things got a little crazy in the latter part of 2013. I’ve started 2014 determined to ‘get a grip’. In all areas.

I always remember Nigella (yes, she) saying that you could be a great mother, a great wife and a great businesswoman but you could only be really good at 2/3 at any one time. I know what she means.

It’s easy to forget balance and live to work – not, as it should always be: Work to live. Spending time with family and a lot more time with your children soon makes you remember what’s important.

I’ve made my usual lists for 2014 and spent the best part of the last two days having a major sort including:

  • Iphone contacts updated – I had people in there I have never met (don’t ever make the mistake of syncing your contacts with LinkedIn!).
  • Properly syncing all my accounts.
  • Using unroll.me to get rid of/organise the 322 (!!) email subscriptions I had. 90% of which I had never subscribed to. Bar Stewards!
  • Using Boxer to organise my email accounts even more so than I already do. It’s genius. Try it.
  • I’m going to the trouble of finding ‘unsubscribe’ in other unwanted emails instead of just deleting.
  • Updated the Filofax paper diary with Icloud – just as well – I had 3 could-have-been-embarrassing clashes in January alone.
  • Made an appointment with my accountant. Alpha are great if you need one.
  • Made blog ‘to-post’ lists! YAY!
  • Made a shopping/food list that included buying fresh every day and ordered a big ‘cupboard’ shop online. We spend far too much and waste far too much time when we actually do the big shop in store.
  • Updated and fine-toothed my financial spreadsheet.
  • Already sent the birthday cards for the first 2 weeks of January (THIS is HUGE for me (shut up Family!))
  • Ordered those CD’s I’d wanted for ages.
  • Ordered a new juicer!
  • Organised supplements in the cupboard, office and handbag.
  • Taken down the Christmas cards and checked for new addresses.
  • Joined the National Portrait Gallery – been meaning to for years, finally did it.

Now I just have to deal with THIS:

*Puts kettle on*