Catch-up, thank you’s and the final 12 Days Giveaway winners..

First things first, I’ve just come back from up North where my Nana is ‘comfortable and stable’. Frankly she looks anything but to me, but there we are. We’ve been here before and she has always rallied – but as time goes on it’s harder and harder to judge the situation…hence my quick departure and absence on here.

I want to say a massive ‘thank you’ to all of you who sent prayers and good wishes, my family and I are hugely appreciative of your support.

Secondly: I jumped on the PC under my daughter’s sign-in and thus had to search my name on Google to find the blog – something I’ve never had to do before. I had no idea that so many of you have mentioned me in your blogs/on You Tube – thank you. And thank you to those of you that have defended me and the blog on some less-than-flattering threads I’ve seen (bleaches eyes). As my very sensible husband says, ‘You put yourself out there with opinions and thus you make yourself a target. That comes with it.’ I would just say this in my defense: I have never received a ‘kickback’ from a brand (EVER), I’m not a slob and I DO have good skin. Alrighty then.

Moving on!

Rather than post all of these separately just for the sake of driving traffic to the blog, I think you’ve already waited long enough – again, sorry about that!

The remaining winners are:

Paul Mitchell: Beccy Evans

Cult Beauty: Olivia G

Indeed Labs: Orla McLaughlin

Beauty Bay: Adriana Adu

Pixi: Caroline (CAC612)

Beauty Works West: Hannah Stone-Coward

REN: Heather Adair

Sunday Riley: Stefanie from Queens

And Prtty Peaushun: Ali ( in a wheelchair for 5 years), Little Goddess (who is going to die if she doesn’t win – we can’t have that), Sarahlb – and PP decided to give an extra one to Ilke – who wanted to give her prize to Ali (first winner) if she was to win. Now you don’t have to – you have your own coming. 🙂

If you have won please email info @ with your full postal address.
Please give us this week to organise and forward etc – I’m away for 3 days and may not be able to send the details to the brands straight away.

Thank you to everyone who entered. And thanks again for your support.