I’ve been a little absent!

2014 started with me having the resolution to blog every day Mon – Fri. I was doing quite well – then my Grandmother died. How very rude of her.*

We are currently in that horrible stage between a loved one passing and actually holding the funeral – so time feels a little suspended. I am going to keep blogging as and when I can – and I want to because it takes my mind off of things and keeps me busy – but please bear with for now.

Many thanks to everyone that has sent messages of support – they are much appreciated. And special shout-outs to Hayley, Ree, Rosie, Jo and the amazing Espa Life team at Gleneagles for stepping in and holding me up when I got the news.

*Please don’t take offence at me joking about my Nana’s passing. It’s the only way I’m getting through it and she would totally, absolutely, laugh with me. And don’t worry, this won’t turn into a blog full of grief/endless posts about the family. It’s a blog – not Days of Our Lives.