Merumaya launches on QVC today

Merumaya – the lovely affordable range I posted about recently launches on QVC today with the above kit while stocks last:

Melting Cleansing Balm™ FULL SIZE (100ml)
Iconic Youth Serum™
HALF SIZE (15ml)
Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF15 HALF SIZE (15ml)

QVC PRICE: £24.95  –  VALUE: £46.50 
–  SAVING: £21.55

This range is recommended both for its efficacy and its price point – and with QVC’s returns policy there is no reason not to try for yourself.

Further show times are listed below.

QVC Show Times:

Friday 17th January:  

The Morning Show 9-10am
Lunch Time Special 1pm
Friday Night Beauty 9-10pm

Saturday 18th January: 
Beauty Showcase 1am

Wednesday 19th January: 
Everyday Beauty 12-1pm

Tuesday 21st January: 

The Morning Show 9-10am
Everyday Beauty 4-5pm