rms beauty Raw Coconut Cream


I suspect it would be easier to get a great picture of Elvis Presley (alive) than of this product. White tub, white product, so much white. So allow me to hand over to someone who clearly has the patience of a saint:

Photo courtesy of the gorgeous Vivianna Does Makeup – Thank you Anna!

Raw Coconut Cream is exactly that. 100% organic coconut oil cold-pressed with no added ingredients.

Coconut is high in lauric acid which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal making this agreeable for all skin types. My only word of caution to those with active, cystic acne (not the odd spot) is to make sure you rinse this off thoroughly.

Other than that, this is really, really lovely to use:

  • It annihilates makeup. All of it, including eyes/mascara.
  • You need a tiny amount so it will last you a good while.
  • I only use it in the evenings at the moment but if I was particularly dry I would tail end and use it AM too.
  • It’s perfect for this weather (UK – cold, wet, windy).
  • Your skin feels really soft and beautiful after use – even upon waking in the mornings.

rms Raw Coconut Cream is £17.00 and available from CultBeauty.com