Beauty Myths No.7 – Organic: is it or isn’t it?

During my talk/appointments in Liberty this last week I came across a few questions of using organic vs ‘chemical’ and the misuse use of the word ‘natural’ (don’t get me started on that one).

This is not so much a myth as a question for the end consumer: ‘Are the products that you are using as ‘organic’ as they claim – and what amounts to ‘organic’ anyway?

In 2008 alone there were 6 different bodies that gave out organic accreditation in the EU. 13 bodies worldwide.
All of them with different requirements. What is organic for one may not be enough for another. It is as confusing as it is frustrating.

I am frequently asked ‘Is it natural?’ or ‘Is it organic?’ and to be honest my answer is always: ‘compared to what?’

If organic is important to you – do your research thoroughly. You may be paying for something that came out of the ground/from nature – but if it did so via truly organic channels is open to question.

Brands that are obsessively organic will tell you how, why, when and where their products came from. If there is no trail, I’d ask questions.