Instagram Friday

So clearly this is more than a week’s worth of photos but a little catch-up never hurt anyone….!

Had a meeting with YouTube and saw my faves on the wall 🙂
Enjoying this

Prepping the review of these 

Lush new lens

Always with the skincare…..

Ridiculously good yoghurt

Weekend face

Lectured at UCL

Don’t do Valentine’s so texted him this. 🙂 

*says nothing*

Hydrangeas – still my fave

Filmed in LA

My fellow Chili Pepper fans will know why I took this picture


How’s that for clouds.

Gained a large amount of followers when I posted pictures of my new shoes on Instagram. Eeew. 

Blog post coming

Kirsten Wigg as Harry Styles 🙂

Bloody love this cleanser


Sarah Jessica Parker on trolls. Word.

Dressed as a Refresher.
Loved a lot of Lauder newness.

See above!


Went jam crazy in Paris

Worked backstage at the Stella McCartney show 

The big 5 used on the day

Just your average fellow passenger on Piccadilly

Loving this Camellia Cleansing Oil

Myself and gorgeous Ruthie from Model Recommends outside Liberty before my PA

Beautiful packaging from Jo Loves. Seriously beautiful.

RIP Tony Benn

Ready for Country2Country Festival tomorrow!!! 

See you next week all. Have a great weekend!