Choice Books – Beauty: A Guide for Health & Beauty Therapists

I am always asked about my beauty therapy training and what advice I can give to people studying/thinking about studying beauty therapy. I will do more posts of this nature and about ‘How to get ahead in the Industry’ etc but thought I would start with the basics.

The Gaynor Winyard ‘A Guide for Health & Beauty Therapists’ was my Bible when I was at Steiner. It’s quite detailed and although some of the advice/language may be a tad outdated it is a brilliant starting point for therapists. It gives detailed information on anatomy, systems of the body, structure of the cells, tissues of the body, structure and functions of the skin, lymphatics, skin analysis and much, much more.

Its available on Amazon and the IBN codes are as follows for those Overseas:

ISBN-10: 058224790X | ISBN-13: 978-0582247901 

Hope it helps!