Instagram catch-up

Raved about this moisturiser

Sold a lot of that moisturiser at this event

Ran out of this lushness. Every last drop.

A little light metal reading.

Cleansed with all 3 of these at the same time.  (One after the other!) Just for fun. 🙂

Used these a LOT

Captured something new (Shard) behind something very, very old (The Tower)

Drove past Stonehenge on the way home from Devon. Not a bad view…

Added these to the bathroom to make sure I never run out.

THIS! Always this!

Showed how FABULOUS you can look if you use Perricone’s New Mask. You’re welcome.

Shouted at Perricone for discontinuing this

*in Country heaven with the Dixie Chicks*

Trialled this new SPF from Dr Lens that is bloody amazing.

Had some statement necklace addiction issues

Stopped the cat eating Karl’s doll

Celebrated 10 years of this wonder product

Met Zoe Newlove – who is lovely – go read her blog.

Behaved like schoolgirls with Ree at the launch of Viktor & Rolf’s beautiful new fragrance #Bonbon – Yes we took a shameless selfie with them behind us.

Screamed like a girl (appropriately) when I saw this monogrammed bottle just pour moi! (Although it does mean I can’t EVER use it!)

Cried 5 times waiting for Sheila at the airport – the Grandmother meeting her grandkids for the first time literally had all of us sobbing *cries thinking about it*

Took my Babygirl to the Tower. Didn’t leave her there though. Also – I should really wear different clothes occasionally.