YouTube update

That’s attractive

Thank you for all of the lovely comments about the videos filmed with Ruth last month. It’s always a weird, slightly (very) unnerving thing putting yourself ‘out there’ and I really appreciate your support.

It has, however, led to me being stopped by friends and family and PeopleI’veNeverMetInMyEntireLife asking when I’m going to be filming the cleansing routines/massage videos/more skincare vids etc – and the answer has always been June – it’s just that the opportunity came up to film with Ruth earlier than I was planning to launch and I thought it would be a great way of getting started. Having Ruth to hold my hand is brilliant – we’re filming again this week.

So it’s really just that – to say they are coming – soon – but at the moment I’m still busy with skin consults and obviously my actual job – I’m not a pro blogger (save the jokes about that being blatantly obvious thankyouverymuch) and so priorities are as they are.
I’m not going to quickly throw together something as key as a visual version of a cheat sheet without a lot of thought.

Anyway – it’ll be there soon. And thanks again – for the support and reading my rambling.