Hi Everyone,

This evening I found the long lost ‘other’ private message inbox on my Facebook. As I usually access Facebook through my phone I had never noticed this option before.

I had hundreds of messages from people I have never met asking me for skin advice. Hundreds. I also have hundreds of people sitting in the ‘friend request’ file. I was a tad shocked.

While I’m very grateful (really really grateful) for the success the blog has brought, I literally, physically, cannot possibly reply to everyone. I really don’t want to turn off the ability to message me as it may mean I miss out on people I know IRL. My Facebook is the only thing I keep completely private – and for obvious reasons. It’s full of pictures of my family/friends etc – people who have a right to privacy as much as I do. It’s set to completely private and I really don’t want to have to make it a blind find. I don’t have a blog Facebook page either – just to save confusion (also – I’ve never understood how people have the time to have a page about a blog…? I digress.).

Please don’t expect an answer if you sent me a message – some of them are over 3 years old so I imagine you’ve already assumed that’s the case, but just to clarify!

I am still receiving countless emails weekly as well as comments/questions on here, YouTube, Instagram, twitter – anywhere really – and I’m only one person. Most of them start with ‘I know you say you don’t have time to answer but…’ and then I immediately feel guilty and stressed, because I don’t. If I see it and I’m stuck on the tube etc or have a few mins I will always answer whatever/whenever I can.

If you need advice the best thing to do is grab me at an event, or in a car park if need be (waves to PPP) or in a department store, or Whole Foods *waves* – or in a loo (please let me wash my hands first?). All of these have happened this last month. 🙂

Please don’t think I’m complaining – like I said – I’m very grateful – I love meeting readers – love it – but this is not my job – yet – and my time is limited.

Thank you for reading and for your continuing support.