Jo Malone London Tuberose Angelica and Velvet Rose & Oud Candle

When I was in California in February I approached what appeared to be, from a distance and without my glasses, a bunch of white stocks from a flower stall outside Whole Foods. As I got closer, my favourite smell in the world literally rose up to smack me in the nose. I had never seen huge bunches of tuberose before (not much call for them in Fulham sadly) – but here, there were bunches of them everywhere – and for $5.00. FIVE dollars. I was borderline hyperventilating I kid you not. 

White flowers have always, effortlessly, been my favourite flowers. They smell so much stronger than coloured flowers because they have to work that much harder to attract the bees – and in that, they become heady, lush and borderline overpowering for some..

Gardenias, frangipane, white delphiniums, roses, hydrangeas and tuberose – the Queen of the white florals. 

It was only in my later years that I realised that most of my favourite fragrances were based around tuberose and gardenia – Fracas, Petit Fracas, Estee Lauder’s Tuberose Gardenia, Diptyque’s Doson, Anick Goutal’s Gardenia Passion – It’s also the reason why I didn’t mind saying I liked Madonna’s Truth or Dare and Kim Kardashian’s fragrance. 

So, I was most displeased (fuming) when Jo Malone discontinued Vintage Gardenia. They have though, redeemed themselves in style. Tuberose Angelica is a welcome new addition to the Cologne Intense Collection – and brings my tally to 5 that I love and wear on a regular basis. (I am always, always stopped when I wear Rose Water and Vanilla – in a good way!)

Tuberose Angelica is pretty simple in its formulation being angelica as a top note, tuberose at the heart and amberwood on the drydown. It’s a really beautiful fragrance – so much so that when I was walking down Sloane Street last Thursday I was drawn into the store by the beautiful window display – and doused myself in it again just for good measure. You could literally smell me before you saw me after that. Ne’ermind.

And being the beast that is Jo Malone – I feasted my eyes on this beauty while I was there…

Having seen this picture on Instagram from Laura I had the ‘black candles’ in my head all week and so gave in and treated myself. It’s all her fault. Damn you Jo Malone. Damn. You.

The fantabulous Tuberose Angelica is £100.00 and the excruciatingly sexy Velvet Rose & Oud Candle is £45.00 – both are available at all Jo Malone stockists and at