Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Collection

Virus/illness be gone – I am finally back on the scene *YAY* and this week I attended events hosted by two of my favourite ladies in the industry – Charlotte Tilbury – more of which later – and Poppy King aka Lipstick Queen. It makes such a huge difference when a brand is driven by the passion of the name on the box rather than an excel spreadsheet reporting into shareholders. It really comes across with both Poppy and Charlotte.

After the launch of the beautiful Velvet Rope Collection – you must check out Brat Pack if you’re a true red girl like me – comes the Silver Screen Collection. As with Velvet Rope, this collection has the same magnetised, heavy, packaging, reminiscent of vintage lipsticks.

Taking inspiration from the particles of real silver used in the film process during the early days of the motion picture industry – the collection is designed to mimic the extremely flattering, highly reflective surface used in the golden era of movies…

All seven shades are named after the infamous lines from the movie that inspired the colour.

As always with Poppy, the room captured the feel of the collection and I came away completely in love with all of the colours. I may have to buy more Muji storage as this obsession shows no signs of subsiding.


STELLA! – purple with a shimmer of turquoise (surprisingly wearable!)
YOU KID – a warm nude

COME UP – vibrant baby rose
SEE ME – soft peach
MADE IT – a deep wine – the subtle shimmer really works with this colour
PLAY IT –  a hot pink as shown below with one of my industry husbands Luke Stephens

I originally showed this pic on Instagram – this is the no filter version so you can see the colour. Also – I need that lighting installed at home please! The pair of us are flawless!

HAVE PARIS – pillar box red – and stunning

So the Lipstick Queen remains appropriately named – the Silver Screen Collection is available from September and is £35.00 from all Lipstick Queen stockists.