The Experts. How to get ahead as a facialist – Ole Henriksen

Ole Henriksen opened his first clinic in LA in the early 70’s. Since then he’s gone on to build a huge empire including his own eponymous brand and has a huge following – including me.

I sat down with Ole and asked him for his top tips for any facialist/student aesthetician trying to build their experience/break into the industry.
I asked for five tips – being Ole he delivered – and then some!

  • have a passion – this is number one – always
  • find the best school that you can afford
  • apply yourself – aim to be the best
  • success in life is all about discipline 
  • read everything you can – books, magazines, blogs – everything related to the industry
  • aim to graduate with honours or distinction 
  • do your research and apply to the best spa or clinic in your area
  • go out and sell yourself

Trade test…

  • offer to audition if necessary (trade test)
  • plan well head of time
  • arrive 30 minutes early – for your trade test and for the job when you get it
  • set up your room the way you like it
  • show off your skills – this is no time to be shy
  • execute a beautiful, fluid treatment

When you get the job…

  • apply yourself wholeheartedly
  • be early, presentable and ready – every single day
  • make an impression and build a following

During treatments…

  • ask your client about their concerns
  • engage them
  • be brilliant at skin analysis
  • educate your client
  • treatments should be indulgent and pampering but effective.
  • split your treatments into 3 parts:
    opening – prep and skin analysis
    middle – cleansing/steam/extractions
    end – massage, soothe, pamper
  • do not hard sell
  • talk to them about their diet and lifestyle


  • call them in between visits to see how they are getting on and how their skin reacted to the treatment

Branch out on your own…

  • build a big following – you are there to serve your clients
  • always remember – Success is a gift
  • never go through the motions during your treatments
  • customize your treatments

And having so many of my own – I asked Ole for his pet peeves when it comes to treatments

  • noisy treatments – be organised – your client doesn’t want to hear you clanging bottles all over the place
  • never leave your client unattended – so unprofessional
  • being too heavy-handed – you need your treatment to have fluid of movement
  • long fingernails – so uncomfortable for the client and so unhygienic
  • an unprepared, messy treatment room – no excuse
  • being unengaged – which brings us back to number one – show your passion to every client – and if you lose your passion, change jobs – it’s not fair to people who pay good money for an expert treatment

The brilliant Ole Henriksen launches on QVC UK on Wednesday 4th June at 6pm for a full hour.

He has further shows through the week:

June 4th @11pm

June 5th @8pm

June 6th @ 9pm

Huge thanks to Ole for his help – and if you haven’t seen him in action you must catch him on QVC – you won’t be disappointed.