Bad bad blogger

So much going on and so little time. I can’t be the only one that wishes there were more hours in the day?!

My recent efforts at keeping up to date with the blog have been LAME LAME LAME.  I’m SORRY. Really sorry.

I just got back from a birthday break in NY with Mr. Hirons which was amazing – albeit ridiculously tiring. Jetlag is KILLING me right now.

I have also managed to do more filming with Ruth  – hysterical as always…..

Our SPF video is here for your perusal….

Our fake tanning favourites are here….

And our makeup and skincare favourites for July will be live this evening.

I just broke the news to Mum that this video has been seen nearly half a million times…

Which makes us both a little *GAHHHHHH!*

Restarted the Clinic – the next one will be tomorrow evening (Friday) at 8pm. I’ll answer as many as I can within the hour.

Thank you for your patience.