Coming soon! Effaclar 3-Step Anti-Blemish System

Any brand would love to know how to have as successful a product as Effaclar Duo – the way the product has sprung into the every day chat of beauty people on social media/blogs and in my skin consults is nothing short of extraordinary.

Well, not being fools, La Roche Posay are extending the range to include a brand new kit, designed specifically for problematic skins. The kit contains the current cleanser and Effaclar moisturiser/treatment plus a brand new Clarifying Toner brought in from the Asian arm of the LRP business *hyperventilates* as a new step in the range. The Clarifying Toner contains salicylic and lactic acid as well as two types of zinc (think Serozinc) in a glycerin base. Marvellous. The only catch is that the toner is not available on its own – YET. 

I have two kits that I am giving to my (willing participants) testers to be used exclusively for 6 weeks and will report back on their findings during the trial. (Just to be clear – I already have two willing testers. This is not a giveaway opportunity!)

In the meantime the Effaclar 3-Step Anti-Blemish System launches in September via Boots and is priced £29.50.

The wait list opens in two weeks. Brace yourselves for the stampede.