The Return of The Clinic


Just a gentle reminder of what I look like in case you’ve been missing me.

So here’s the thing: I know my blogging has dropped off the edge of the cliff. I won’t bore you with excuses (EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE REALLY VALID OBVIOUSLY) – suffice to say I do not blog full time. I have a day job. Actually it’s more like a 60 hours a week kinda deal but I digress and NO-ONE WANTS TO HEAR ALL THAT HIRONS.
I love the day job – and I love my gorgeous, clearly very intelligent readers – so to apologise for not being quite so inyerface as I would like to have been – and to make up for the fact that I am not doing skin consultations at the moment – I am reintroducing the Clinic. I miss talking skin with you all and let’s face it – that’s why most of you are here. *waves to the odd Duran Duran, Bond or Chili Peppers fan*

So tomorrow evening (Wednesday 16th) at 7pm I will open the Clinic. Seeing as we nearly broke the blog last time I did one, going forward it will take a slightly different format.

  • It won’t be answered on a first come, first serve basis.
  • I will only publish questions that I am answering. That way they can be seen and read by everyone.
  • I will try and answer as many diverse questions as possible. They will pop up on the blog as I am answering them.
  • I will leave the comments open until I have answered at least 25 questions. Then I’ll need to make more tea.
  • I am also spending all of this evening replying to your comments over the last few weeks.
  • The Clinic won’t be the same evening every week but I will give you at least 24 hours notice so you know when it is happening.
  • PLEASE do not try and get your questions in now – I am only publishing ones sent from 7pm onwards tomorrow evening.

I hope this goes some way to making up for my lack of interaction and I look forward to speaking to you all much more regularly! 🙂 

I know waiting for me to blog can sometimes feel as long as waiting for Man Utd to win a game. *runs from Carmen*