Utterly brilliant BB/CC/Primers that you should check out – Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme CC Cream

I had a major sort last week – included in that was putting all of my BB/CC/Primers to one side and using them EVERYDAMNDAY to give some feedback and actually you know – MAYBE WRITE A REVIEW? I know. Don’t faint.

First up is Estee Lauder’s Revitalising Supreme CC Cream. Mainly because I used it this morning. Nothing like being organised eh?

I personally tend to fair better with CC creams than BB. Colour correcting is what I need, not blemish balms – but let’s be honest, what’s in a name? 

In their absolute basic form you would expect:

BB creams to have more pigment and coverage.

CC creams to adjust to your skin tone and have more skincare benefits.

Primers to prep the skin for makeup or in some wonderful cases, be enough for the day.

Let’s make an executive decision to call ALL of these (and I’m aiming for a review a day until I move on to my next group of products) ‘Primer-y-type products that can be worn alone, under a foundation or over a moisturiser’. 

Makes everything so much easier doncha think?

The Revitalizing (US spelling!) Supreme CC cream is aimed at an older audience and it’s easy to see why. It has much more in the way of anti-ageing benefits, is loaded with hyaluronic acid to give an immediate plumping effect and will colour correct even the reddest of cheeks/noses.

Extremely comfortable to wear and disappears onto the skin with no residue and no residual colour that needs blending. It’s actually grey upon application and then the colour beads burst and adjust to your skin. You can’t see these in the product – it’s a very sophisticated formula.

Suitable for:

Covering blemishes? No.

Evening out skin tone? Yes.

Hydrating/prepping the skin for use under makeup? Yes

Wearing alone without makeup? Yes, if you are having a no-makeup-day.

Heavy on top of moisturiser? No.

Makes you look better than before you used it? Oh YES.

If you are in your 20’s this is probably not for you. If you are closer to 30/40/50 upwards, you may love this. A lot. It’s a no-brainer.

What I love about this – completely aside from the actual product – is that Lauder describe it as ‘non acnegenic’ which is a BRILLIANT improvement on ‘non-comodegenic’, which is literally meaningless. I am totally stealing that word.

Revitalizing CC cream is £40.00 and available at all Estee Lauder stockists.