Friday Lunchtime Clinic – Topic – Acne – CLOSED

The Clinic is live. CLOSED!!!

Please leave your question in the comments. The comments are moderated so there is no need to repeat your question if it hasn’t shown up. I will leave the comments open until there are a large selection of differing questions and will let you know as soon as it is closed so that you don’t waste your time. Just a reminder…

  • I will answer 25 (or more depending on time) questions
  • I will only publish questions that I am answering so they are easy to find and read
  • PLEASE make sure you have read both the acne and spots cheat sheets. This will save time and may answer your question.
  • As always, brief questions will work better for these online circumstances – if you need a more intensive reply it might be better to wait for the skin consults to open again. (Soon)


Thanks everyone!