The Vegan Kind

There are a lot – a LOT of monthly subscription boxes around at the moment. The one that I am always the most excited to receive is the one from The Vegan Kind. Now I am not vegan – I was vegetarian for a long time in my late teens (until pregnancy cravings got the better of me) and have leaned that way again recently, but no, I’m not vegan. 

This box however, is a joy for anyone with leanings toward a healthier lifestyle. Launched in November of last year, TVK are about to send out their 10th box and are growing rapidly.

The brainchild of Karris Mcculloch, a long term vegetarian who turned vegan after seeing
horrifying video footage of the dairy industry (I’ve done the same recently, you will think twice about dairy and at the very least, go organic – I guarantee it).
As with a lot of the best business ideas, something stemming from genuine passion has flourished into a great success story.

If you’re interested in signing up for The Vegan Kind, you can do so via the links below. They’ve introduced me to the best chocolate bar I’ve ever tasted and unlike a lot of the boxes around at the moment, this one has a real point of difference and I get genuinely excited when it arrives.

The boxes are £10.00 plus shipping. A steal. (my favourite)

I know it sounds like it – but I have absolutely no relationship with TVK. And this is not a sponsored post LOL.