Beauty Myths No.9 – Waiting lists

Waiting lists. You know the things. Those long lists of ‘literally thousands’ of people ‘eagerly awaiting!’. See the Daily Mail┬ámost days for the latest one.

Here’s the thing. They don’t exist. At least not in the way that they are portrayed. Nowhere is there a list with thousands of names of people eagerly awaiting whatever product that marketing company is being paid to push that week.

In the case of something like the iPhone 6, with 10 million sold in the first weekend of sales, the majority on pre-order, i.e. already bought and paid for; that’s a legitimate claim. It’s fact.

A ‘waiting list’ for beauty products simply doesn’t exist in the way that some marketing departments – or brands – would have you believe. It’s all hype to make you want the product more and keep up with the Jones’.

If the product is really as ‘wanted’ as that, release it to market, let it genuinely sell out everywhere and spread via word of mouth. Stop this nonsense. It’s Friday. We’re all over here just trying to chill.