ESPA Life at Gleneagles

This is literally the most overdue blog post that ever was. The reason being that I was at Gleneagles when my Grandmother died back in January. So, even though it was beyond spectacular and the team were just completely beautiful and wonderful and lovely, I underestimated how traumatised I was at the time and have been putting it off ever since.
No more! *gets a grip of self*

Here’s what you need to know: if there is a place that can be called Heaven on Earth, Gleneagles is it. From the location, to the building, to the facilities, to the amazing team at ESPA Life, if you need any ideas for a break, you need to experience Gleneagles. Oh yeah and if you’re into golf there’s that as well (not my thing *snores*). No need to worry about being a golfing widow though, you can take yourself off to the spa, go for walks, pretend you’re in a James bond film, get lost in the hotel, basically disappear for days on end.

None of these pictures have been photo-shopped. That’s basically the view.

I am doing a separate post about ESPA Life (immediately after this) as it is a long one, but suffice to say the team at Gleneagles are among the best trained therapists/complementary and alternative medicine practitioners that I have come across in the industry.

Go get yours.