Sunday Instagram Catch-up

I know a lot of you don’t use Instagram so I thought a catch-up would be good. I spend more time over on Instagram than I do any other form of social media. I love photography and there are SO many brilliant, inspirational accounts to follow. You really should check it out.

However, thinking primarily of my Mum, who doesn’t do social media in any way, shape or form, here is what I’ve been up to…  🙂

Stella McCartney’s Green Carpet Challenge – blog post coming

Pummelling faces. Lovely.

Pretty standard day in the life of…..



Had an appt with Dr Barbara Sturm at the Dorchester to discuss her skincare line.



Tacos anyone?
Recoup and relax with these…..





Spoke at the M&S Beauty Conference. God help them.




Received some lovely personalised goodies from Soap & Glory


And Lush – this cracked me up.



Tatcha’s beautiful travel kit arrived just in time for Paris Fashion Week



Celebrated Sali’s book launch.

Celebrated Zoe’s new beauty line with Ruth and the gang.



Photobombed literally every photo taken on the evening including this one of Zoe and Tyler. *wears flats in future*


And bumped into Nicky – a friend I have known for 29 years and literally never see. JOY.

Have a great week everyone.