Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Mask Boost

I tend to use face masks much more in autumn/winter and this new mask coming from Estee Lauder in December is a welcome addition if you have a slightly older (35+), de-vitalised, ‘my face looks how I feel’ skin.

If you are a fan of the Triple Threat Facial, this would be the final step, after exfoliating and clay steps.

Super-nourishing, massively hydrating, this will become a ‘when-in-doubt-grab-this’ when my skin is tired and a tad dull or after a long week – especially if flying is involved. This would be the perfect in-flight mask. It absorbs like a rich face cream and although it says to tissue off (eew) after 5 minutes, I would use three ways:

  1. apply in a thick-ish layer, leave for 10 or so minutes and take off any residue with a warm, squeezed out, damp washcloth, proceed with your other skincare
  2. apply a thin layer in the evening when you get home, reapply before bed once it has absorbed, sleep in it
  3. apply a thin layer every couple of hours on a long haul flight, misting with a floral spray in between

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Mask Boost is available on 1st December and is priced £45 for 75ml from all Estee Lauder retailers and It’s delicious.

Also: I do wish the NPD/Marketing teams at Lauder LLC/L’Oreal/P&G/Unilever/LVMH (all of them) etc would stop swallowing dictionaries and thesauruses when naming products. The names are taking me longer to type than the review.