Serozinc launches in the UK.

Good news beauty peeps. Ever since I made this video with Pixiwoo over a year and a half ago…

…we’ve been trying to get La Roche Posay to pull their finger out and sell Serozinc here in the UK.

Well the wait is over…Rakesh and his team at have managed the seemingly impossible and it goes on sale exclusively with them on January 1st.

You can pre-order it here .

As an aside: LRP are still gearing this towards the extremely oily/combo skins. Nonsense. It suits all. If you are someone who suffers from slow-healing skin (i.e. from those horrible big red spots/acne) I’d consider taking an oral zinc supplement* also. Just a little FYI…

*As always, assuming you have no contra-indications.

*No Affiliate link. Just being helpful.