2014. The People.

My year started off badly, then went stratospherically UP. Thank you to everyone who came to an event, queued up, snapped me in a toilet (I know), wrote in for advice, watched my first foray in to the land of YouTube, read this blog and basically supported me endlessly. Without whom etc etc…

Thank you to the brands and retailers that supported me and hired me…!

And a special mention to my blogging friends, who’ve become best mates, especially Ruth, for dragging me into 2014 and YouTube and who I love more than carbohydrates. Anna, Lily, Zoe, Louise, Anna Saccone and everyone at Team Gleam. Sali for being generous enough to include me on her brilliantly successful ride in 2014 and all the wonderful PR’s that are all too frequently bashed and too often under-appreciated.

And to end, if you are thinking of starting a blog and are procrastinating. Just do it. It’s the most fun I’ve had in my working life and I’ve met lifelong friends, had amazing experiences and am a better person for it. Just. Do. It.

Music – Zero 7. In the Waiting Line