Beauty Myths No.10 – Detox

Detox products. 

Detox creams.

 Detox teas. 

Detox pads for your feet. 

Detox hair straighteners.

Enough. If your body was ‘full of toxins’ you would at best, be very ill and at worst, dead. See: septicemia.

The word ‘detox’ belongs in a hospital or drug-dependency unit.

If you mean ‘keep yourself as healthy as possible’ then by all means…

  • keep hydrated – with water. Diet coke doesn’t count people.
  • don’t smoke
  • eat well – at the very least minimise sugar and white carbs
  • exercise (or just go for a bloody walk/have a good regular stretching session)
  • get enough sunshine or supplement with vitamin D

Leave the rest to your lungs, kidneys, skin and liver.*

Stop hijacking the word to sell more product.


*Obviously if any of those are compromised in you, my apologies, I’m not referring to you. That’s what doctors are for.