Clinic – Pre, During and Post Pregnancy – CLINIC IS CLOSED!

The Clinic is open. THE CLINIC IS CLOSED.

Anything and everything pregnancy related this week.

  • Please try and keep the questions short and to the point if at all possble. 🙂
  • I have comment moderation on so please don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show right away – I may be answering something similar or have already published something along the same lines…
  • I’ll publish/answer as many as possible and then close the Clinic.*

I hope that makes sense!

*As always, I’m not a doctor. Read my full disclaimer on the ‘me’ page above – snippet here:
Product Recommendations Disclaimer:
I am always happy to recommend products and this has obviously become a key part of the blog and now YouTube. Any recommendation is based on my experience with something – or the trusted experience of a tester – but everyone’s skin is different and something that works for me may not necessarily work for you in the same way.
The same with allergic reactions – it is impossible to anticipate allergies – it is pretty much possible for anyone to be allergic to anything.