FAQs continued…teen years

Firstly, thank you to the teacher that tweeted me to point out hat it was FAQs, not FAQ’s. Doofus alert. 🙂

And thank you lovely readers for your response. Some of the questions left beneath the post were a little off topic and it started to turn into a clinic – so I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to cherry pick the ones that I am genuinely asked regularly, not the ‘please fix everything in my routine’ ones.

Starting with…

Are all the products that your recommend suitable for teenage skins?

No. The main things you need at this age are a decent cleanser, possibly a very mild exfoliating toner if you are suffering from spots/acne and a moisturiser followed by SPF. You could add a mild, gentle exfoliating powder to the mix if you don’t particularly need the acid toners.
You do not need retinols in your teens. You do not need expensive ‘anti-ageing’ serums. We older folks use those to attempt to get something like the skin you’ve already got. Save your money.
Keep it clean, keep it exfoliated and keep it moisturised and protected.
Don’t smoke.
Don’t become a sugar addict.

And most of all, embrace everything that is good about yourself, don’t obsess about things you don’t like about yourself.

And unrelated to skincare: Girls. If he wants to know where you are all the time and who you talk to/hang out with, he’s not a boyfriend, he’s a pimp. It’s not romantic, it’s wrong. Kick him to the kerb.