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Fillume – new from Indeed Labs

New from the home of Hydraluron comes Fillume – a ‘volumising moisturiser’ aimed at targeting ‘the appearance of subtle facial volume loss’.

I’ll be trialing it this week but it claims to:

  • restore the look of facial contours (does it come with a crane?)
  • plump the appearance of furrow lines and laughter lines
  • improve the tone and texture of the skin

Meaning that it’s aimed at a slightly older audience, because if you’re 20, you don’t really have ‘loss of contours’ (unless you’re a smoker – obvs).

First impressions are that it’s light, yet nourishing and it’s not too silicone-heavy (although it does contain silicone) and of course it’s fragrance free – bonus for the people that have problems with fragrance/essential oils.

I’ll report back by the weekend. 🙂

Fillume Volumising Moisturiser is priced at £24.99 for 30ml and is available exclusively at Boots UK and from 26th January