Lush Valentine’s Day

I don’t cover ‘Valentine’s Day’ as such, but I know I have Lush fanatics reading this – and you have a month to go if you want to pick up some of these Valentine’s Limited Editions.

Featured clockwise from the bottom left:

The Kiss Lip Scrub – £5.50

Heart Throb bubbleroon (crumble under a hot tap) – £3.65

Cupid’s Love soap – £5.25

Prince Charming Shower Gel – £4.75/£9.50£15.95 – because ‘ridicule is nothing to be scared of’ – which lets face it, is a winner for us 80’s kids.

Unicorn Horn bubble bar – £3.25

Floating Flower bath bomb – £3.50

I won’t make any jokes about them all smelling ‘Lush’, but I could.

21 years ago this year! I thought the red was an appropriate link… 🙂