The Month in Skincare – January

I can’t believe January is at an end already! Those of you that aren’t on Instagram will be unaware that I’ve been keeping a daily record of the products I’m using. Not so much for me, more to encourage you to mix it up a little (where you can afford to – obviously), there is never a need to only use one brand. (Although I wouldn’t mix a load of retinol products. You stay classy San Diego.)

Myself, the Mr and Max are all a little under the weather so there won’t be a video tomorrow – I’ll aim for Monday/Tuesday – but I need to rest up.

Feel free to ask any questions about the products shown or any routines etc in the comments. Although with this cold, bear with. Yes/no will be easier than essays this weekend! 🙂

Also: I’m focusing more on budget skincare in February. I’d be interested to hear from you with some of your favourites. 🙂

Have a lovely weekend everyone!