Budget Week – Day 3

Bit of a hotch-potch today, contains good and disappointing ones…

Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water – £16.00 – weird one this. I personally found it wasn’t great for waterproof mascara – but my friends tell me otherwise, however, it was perfectly acceptable for lips/other..
It is lovely and cooling on the skin though, and I imagine a sensitised skin would appreciate it.

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleaning Butter – £12.00 – I’ve spoken about this many a time, In essence, a great affordable balm cleanser that annihilates makeup and leaves the skin soft and refreshed with no sticky residue or tight feeling.

Merumaya Exfoliating Toner – sample – I don’t know what I can say about this as I have no information on it! This is literally a lab sample and part of the brand’s testing so I don’t know what’s in it or how much it will be.. what I can say is that it is totally non-stinging (is that even a phrase?), exfoliates gently and softly and leaves the skin comfortable. As for everything else, watch this space!

Caudalie Grape Water – £6-£10 – leftovers from the grape harvest, sprays in a fine mist, softer that normal water and feels like it absorbs more efficiently.

Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes – £24.50 for 15ml – see yesterday’s post 

Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum – £35.50 for 30ml – this is over my intended limit of £25 – £30 for serums but I thought it was worth mentioning as I am always asked about appropriate ones for oily/acne skins. Whilst this is not particularly aimed at those skin types, it’s certainly one worth checking out if you are a woman of a certain age with adult acne (I feel your pain, been there), if you’re just a person with problematic skin or if you want a product that contains a lot of the same ingredients as serums that are 5 times the price…

Superfacialist Rose Peaceful Skin Night Cream – £16.00 for 50ml – a frankly bargainous £16.00, this is great for all skin types including combination. It contains shea butter, but it’s not heavy/cloying at all. The only thing I would say, is try and check the smell before you purchase. To me, this is proper, old lady rose. It doesn’t linger, and you do wake up looking refreshed with a glow, but it is strong on application.