FAQs – Explanation/Apologies

This is a strange one but I need to put it all somewhere and the blog is my Home Ground so figured it was the best way to reach everyone.

January was the biggest month ever on the blog. Insane amounts of you read the blog, subscribed to my YT channel, followed me into toilets, asked me questions on social media.

The amount of comments and requests for help that I am receiving is beyond overwhelming. This is by no means a complaint – at ALL – I love blogging and love that you read it, I just have guilt that I cannot reply to so many people. I’m sorryyyyy! I’m one person.

So a quick low-down of what’s what:

Facebook. I do not have a Facebook page for the blog. Sorry but I don’t see the point. I have the blog. Something else to look after would be ‘migraine central’. I have a private FB that is just for family and people I know IRL. I currently have around 500+ friend requests from people I don’t know. There are 50+ requests from help in the ‘Other’ messages part of Facebook asking for help with skin problems.

Twitter. I reply when I can but it’s hit and miss.

Email. There are new requests for help in all of my email accounts every morning.   

YouTube. I had no idea that private messages were a ‘thing’, until I found a ton of them by accident. I don’t know how many there are because I panicked and went back to the normal comments. Sorry! I try and keep as up to date as possible with YT comments but I’m usually a week or so behind per video – if that makes sense.

Google Plus. I have absolutely NO idea how Google Plus works. None. It’s like ‘How do airplanes take off?’ and ‘Why don’t ships sink?’ I don’t know. Clueless. If you’ve tried to talk to me via G+ I apologise profusely because it’s still out there somewhere in the ether…

Tumblr. I have it, because I figured it may come in handy, but I literally do nothing with it except send it my Instagram feed. If you’ve talked to me via Tumblr – sorry. Again.

Pinterest. Love it, but can’t spend too much time on it because it’s like a black hole. If you’ve tried to talk to me via Pinterest…. GAH! Sorry. AGAIN.

Instagram. Easily my favourite, which means I spend most of my time there. If you leave a comment there it has more chance of being answered than anywhere else (along with the blog).I usually go back through the photographs and reply to as many as possible when I’m waiting around during public transport trips. 🙂 But: I receive roughly 50 private message requests a week. I couldn’t reply to you all if I tried.

Appointments. I have no appointments planned at the moment. I’m working on other things. Exciting things, but other things.

Like I said, no complaints at all, I have always been and still am incredibly grateful to you all for reading the blog and watching YouTube, just please please please don’t think I am ignoring you. I just don’t have the time to reply to you all. Sometimes I read a comment that says ‘I would have expected you to reply to me by now!’ and I’m all


If, however, you do see me around in town, usually on beauty counters (my happy place), PLEASE stop me and ask me anything. Please.

I hope to have the capabilities to respond to a lot more people later in the year, but for now, please bear with!

And in case it was unclear, thank you. really. Thank you. Even those of you abusing me for not replying to you. You make me try harder.