Proof that my family do not read my blog.

One for regular readers:

Ava has been getting stress eczema around her eye and possible perioral dermatitis around her nose. I was baffled. I had parental AND supposed-skincare-knowing guilt. WHY couldn’t I fix my own child’s skin?

Well, Miss Hirons informed me last night that she uses a very famous foaming cleanser with a very famous cleansing brush when she’s at her friend’s houses because: ‘it’s fun’.



‘But my mates all use it!’

‘Their Mums gave it to them!’

Now when she goes to her friends houses I’ll be all…

It’s OK. I went in with this last night, again this morning, then packed her off to school.

Next she’ll be telling me that she supports Man United and that she’s always thought Duran Duran were crap.