Bella Freud ‘Loving’ Candle

Regular readers of the blog will know of my obsession penchant for all things white flowers. Gardenia and tuberose are easily my favourites.

The Loving candle from Bella Freud is Tuberose and Sandalwood, which I would not have expected to be as subtle as it is.

It’s much softer that you would expect, with amber resting between the tuberose and sandalwood – making it perfect for the bedroom, the living room or your desk, which is where mine has taken root.

Once it’s all gone, the packaging will remain where it is, full of one of my other loves: PENS. 😉 Given how many of you share my stationery obsession, maybe it’s time to blog more of that on here too?

Meanwhile, if you’re a lover of all things white and floral this will be right up your street.

I got mine from for £38.00.