Hall of Fame – Neutrogena T/Gel

Bit of an odd one for me I know, but bear with.

Ever since son no.2 was born, he’s suffered from scalp problems. When he was a baby it was cradle cap, that went all the way through almost to school when it was clear it was seborrheic dermatitis, and that it was here to stay. He’s now 20 and has suffered from it in one way or another his entire life. Not to the extremes that you see if you google ‘images’ (don’t) but it was always present on his head in one way or another – his entire life.

I tried everything. Literally every single thing you can think of – usually depending where I was working if I’m honest – everything from Aveda, every hair product in Space NK, all beauty brands, everything from the doctor, creams, lotions, potions, tablets, even homeopathy (I know I know).

Last month I was a Judge for the Johnson & Johnson Skincare Awards and there was a bottle of T/Gel in the goodie bag. I passed it to Dan almost nonchalantly – kind of ‘May as well try this love..’

To say that the difference in his scalp has been life-changing is no understatement. His scalp is completely clear. Completely. Clear. His hair is shiny in a way that it has never been – he’s wearing it longer after years of keeping it short for ease of maintenance.

When it ran out he went out and bought his own bottle. A large one. If you’re the mother of boys you’ll know the significance of that alone.


I now have major guilt that I never tried it on him years ago. One thing’s for sure. We absolutely will never be without it again. T/Gel – I salute you. Thank you for fixing my baby’s head.

*Yes, he’s 20 and 6’4. Still my baby.


Available at:

Lookfantastic: https://bit.ly/2ZcyJD0

Amazon: https://bit.ly/3naYDiq