Michael Kors Into the Glow Collection

Well if anyone was going to do a ‘Glow’ collection it would be this man. King of Glam and handbags/accessories to boot, Michael Kors has made me even more desperate for some warmth than I was before – if that was possible.

The Limited Edition Into The Glow Collection features the usual suspects of lips, nails and bronzer but this is what has excited me the most. 

The Hydrating Bronze Gel Creme comes in two colours, both of which work well on most caucasian skin tones, neither of which is just ‘glitter’. Although a darker skin would get the hydrating benefits of this, I don’t think the colour would show in any way so not much point. Definitely don’t buy before you try.
Permanent Vacation (sidebar: also the name of my favourite Aerosmith album), above, is peachier and on a pale skin gives a ‘healthy’ glow – and Sun Chaser, below – is more my kind of tone – it tells everyone you’ve been lying around in the sun and ‘yes-don’t-I-look-fabulous-thanking-you-kindly’. It can be worn alone or under foundation.

More inclusive colour-wise are the glosses and polishes. The Lip Lusters include gorgeous pops of coral and fiery pink in the usual MK packaging.

Both the glosses and nail lacquers come in semi-matching nudes, pinks and orange/corals – that do work on all tones.

The Michael Kors Into the Glow Collection is available nationwide from April. Prices start at £15.00.