Sugar Detox – Week 1

How’s it going? Have any of you achieved any success on the sugar front?

Personally, I’m going stage by stage. Maybe the word ‘detox’ isn’t entirely appropriate?! 

For my first week I decided to give up sauces. Ketchup, brown sauce, some hot sauces. Not all thank god…and I kept mayo in moderation. I know mayo isn’t loaded with sugar but it is overloaded with fat so I didn’t want to go crazy and be all ‘ooh I can have ALLTHEMAYO.’

It was easy. Much easier than I expected to be honest. I know. This from the northerner. Mind-boggling.

This week its chocolate. Chocolate is out the window. I wouldn’t normally worry about this at all but (TMI klaxon) my period is due any second now and this usually brings with it the desire for a Reese’s Nutrageous and a can of Coke. I’m not looking forward to it but I’m determined. 

I bought the obvious book – 

but unless you really want to bake alternatives to sugar-laden goods it’s not ground-breaking to be honest, although it’s on offer from Amazon at the moment for a steal if you are a baker.

 I’m just enjoying trying to avoid it. Treating it as a sport rather than a punishment. 🙂

Always open to your tips!

The Sarah Wilson book is here for £4.99.