Sugar Detox – Week 2 and Amelia Freer

Actually week 2.5/3? Wow – it gets SO much easier. Seriously. No cravings, no cheating. Any kind of craving – gone.

Since my last update I’ve (TMI klaxon) had a period, my first without any chocolate or fizzy drinks, probably in 30+ years – and yesterday I had a rogue bug that included vomiting and dehydration – for which I did have a can of coke at tea time – and it settled my stomach perfectly. I could’ve lied, but I’ve spoken to so many of you recently that are in your own sugar detoxes and I’d feel like a complete fraud by pretending otherwise. BUT – it tasted really sweet and certainly didn’t trigger any ‘cravings’. I’m rather chuffed to be honest.
I’m pretty much aware of the sugar content in everything now, and it has stopped me mindlessly picking up food that I would previously have just bought and eaten. I’ve cut back on fruit – which was my personal addiction, and am now choosing fruits lower in sugar. I will never give up fruit, it’s too good. And in the right picks, good for you.

The key for me has been attacking one thing at a time – a tip I picked up from this book…..

Fortunately, I managed to get my hands on Amelia Freer’s book before Sam Smith posted his picture on Instagram and sold it out worldwide (it’s back now) – but I understand the phenomenon. It’s simple, easy to read, sensible and doesn’t use the word ‘diet’.

If you are at all interested in nutrition, check it out here. It’s not faddy, it’s sensible nutrition advice.

Those of you doing your own sugar detoxes, how are you getting on?