5 Year Bloggerversary

My little corner of the internet turned 5 yesterday. FIVE. If my blog was a child it would be in school. Blows my freaking mind I can tell you. In keeping with recent posts and frankly, because I wanted to know myself, I thought I’d share a couple of ‘Top’ lists from the blog itself.

Top 5 Most Popular Posts:
Unsurprisingly, Cheat Sheets reign on here. Barring number 5, these are far and away the most popular content according to you lovely readers.

  1. Cheat Sheet – Routines – How to use your product and when…
  2. Cheat Sheet  – Acne – How to help your skin rather than treat it as the enemy
  3. Cheat Sheet – Top tips for great skin – Just ‘how to’!
  4. Cheat Sheet – Cleansing – How to cleanse and what to use – literally.
  5. Brands you won’t see reviewed on here – I try and always steer clear of posts with a ‘negative’ slant, but they always, always drive traffic. I can see why some people do this type of post on a regular basis – I’m not going to, but a lot of you wanted to know what I won’t review..

and the Top 10 Most Popular Reviews?

  1. Hydraluron – I suppose this one was kind of obvious! I should dig it out.
  2. Pixi Glow Tonic – I think I need to do an updated proper review of this – it’s about time.
  3. The Body Shop Vitamin E Oil-in-Serum
  4. Clinique Take The Day Off Balm
  5. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream
  6. First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads
  7. REN Clear Calm Clay Cleanser
  8. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair II
  9. The Body Shop Bouncy Sleeping Mask
  10. Sunday Riley Good Genes

As I push ahead into a new blogging year, I just want to extend huge thanks to you for your continued support of both me and the blog. Who knows where I’ll be in 2020, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last 5 years. Thank you thank you thank you.