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  • Comments Part 2.

    Me, last night and today. 🙂

    Hello lovely people! So it turns out neither third party option I tried to install was good enough. The first one had glitches and only worked on the Sjal giveaway post from yesterday, and the second one – Disqus, removed every single comment from 5 years worth of talking to you. I don’t bloody think so.

    So we’re back to commenting, still with signing in, but it’s a step forward. The blog is being rebranded over the next month – the new comment system will have to wait! Thank you for your patience and for those of you who commented on disqus yesterday and whose comments are lost, my apologies – but it was for the greater good!

    NOW: I’m going back to talking about skincare! 

    Also – this may seem smallfry to some of you but I fixed the coding on the comment section myself. This, from the mother of 4 who cannot operate an X-Box control*.

    *Sidebar: whoever invented the X-Box controller is a freak.