Jo Loves Shot Candle Collection

On Monday I visited the brand new Jo Loves Shot Candle Studio at the back of their beautiful flagship Elizabeth Street store. Two hours of blissful smelling and mixing later – and those of you that watch my videos will know how much I a: love a good candle and b: love a good whiff…

Although I have the layered candle of Frangipani, Wild Reseda and Tuberose…

which is divine, I had not yet experienced all of the newer fragrances including the mango fragrances, which were in all honesty, astounding.

The latest innovation from Jo is a patent pending new way to enjoy candles and make it to your own desired fragrance. The Shot Candle is so ridiculously simple in its execution that it seems strange that no-one has done it before.

You choose from a base scent, then simply pick your ‘Shot’ to sit on top of it. When lit, it gently burns down infusing both fragrances in the loveliest way.

I chose a Gardenia base (I know, quelle surprise) and my shot choice was Mango. Sounds random, smells blissful. To be clear, because I was confused at first, this isn’t the size of a shot glass, it’s a proper, fat candle!

The Shot Candle service is £75.00 and includes your one-on-one consultation. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I’m going back with Mum.

For more information call the store on 0207 259 1430 or visit